Long Island South Asian Project

Heart disease is the leading cause of death of adults nationwide, and South Asians, the second fastest-growing ethnic group in America, have a higher death rate from this disease than any other ethnic group:

  • Four times the risk of heart disease compared to the general population
  • Earlier onset of cardiovascular disease than other ethnicities.

The mission of The South Asian Project is to empower the Long Island South Asian community to create new opportunities through education and awareness, new connections and new insights that will drive the success of The South Asian Project by impacting and improving health outcomes of this community.

We will focus on health equity through advocacy, policy, education, systems and social change within the South Asian communities, where we live, eat, pray, and play.

Meet the South Asian Project Committee:

We invite you to join us and help raise awareness in your community: 

  • Join our movement ( e-mail dana.jarrett@heart.org ) and become a member of the South Asian Project committee
  • Implement an AED Program and Cardiac Emergency Response Plan – the American Heart Association strongly encourages companies and organizations to implement AED program and Emergency Response Plan. A carefully orchestrated response to cardiac emergencies is known to reduce deaths and ensure that chaos does not lead to an improper or no response. Preparation is the essential key to saving lives. Learning CPR makes Heroes!

True health includes getting good sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind and body fit and connecting socially.  Healthy eating starts with smart food choices. Learn what to look for at any meal.
Let’s stick with it by building more opportunities to be active into your routine! If you’re trying to manage your blood pressure or cholesterol, or quit smoking or vaping, we want to help!