Meet the North Country BetterU Participants: Mary Jo Rocker


My name is Mary Jo Rocker. I am the 5th of eight children, an aunt, and an Air Force vet. I spent most of last year recovering from breast cancer treatments. I have a family history of this and of heart attacks, and I want to avoid the latter (since it’s too late for the former). I’ve always been a fussy eater, and am also the lucky family member who got celiac disease (gotta love the genetic lottery). I got very tired during my treatments last year and used sugary food to boost my energy. I was a long standing sugar addict prior to this, but have since given up most refined sugar in the hope of easing some other side effects I was experiencing (which it has). I finally started to lose some weight, but have since plateaued. When this opportunity came up, I applied and was accepted. I’d like to learn how to eat better, increase my stamina, and increase muscle tone (or start losing weight again). I’d like a change in lifestyle to make a better me.

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