Three perspectives


This week had its ups and downs for me: struggling with high blood pressure that hit the moon this week, how do I start the month of February with Love, yet I was not feeling the love within, not being able to work out as I would have liked to, the struggle of getting to the gym and being around adult people all with their own story.  Did I want that struggle or to cuddle up on the couch with the wee ones I spend my days with?  I need to remember this process of taking care of my needs to become natural and gracious.  I need to grieve the loss of my true comfort zone, and move to find a better one.  The evenings are busy for our family as well as others but I’m learning to cuddle with the thought that going out and doing something for me is better than the many struggles that may lay ahead, if my health isn’t taken care of.  I will open up my windows of the house I call my body and see a light I never saw before.  A light to new recipes and new exercises that will move me forward.


It was really exciting to go to the Wetterhauns and learn some new recipes. I am one of those people that will not buy something new at the store without knowing that I or my family will like it. I really hate to waste food/money. So it was great that we got to try so many new things. I loved pretty much all the grains they introduced us to. I couldn’t wait to get home and try them. I attempted the roasting of the veggies and I thought I had over cooked them because of how dark they were but the had a great taste to them. I loved how easy it was to just toss them in the oven and then continue on making the rest of dinner. It seems like if you steam them or grill them you have to pay very close attention to them. The other recipe I tried was the fish and veggie pouches. My husband and daughter absolutely loved it. Fish is one of the things I don’t cook much because I didn’t know how to cook it well. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes.

Mary Jo:

I enjoyed the cooking class and tried the spaghetti squash last Sunday. I used a marinara sauce to which I added meat and a spiral cut green zucchini. It was good. The finished dish didn’t smell like squash the first night, but it did when I was reheating it in the microwave on later dates. It still tasted good, but I added some pecans since they go well with other squash dishes. Having meals ready to reheat later in the week is good, because I have been exercising after work. I worked with Michelle on Monday and used the gym at work the rest of the week (easier with the weather and gets me in the habit of working out there once the program is over).   I’m a little frustrated that I’ve only lost a pound since starting (hopefully due to muscle gain and not just using different scales). I enjoyed the free weight workout with Stacy on Saturday and am only swearing lightly due to the after effects of the squats. No pain, no gain!

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