On my way to a healthier me!


Well this weather sure has raised a little difficulty with getting to the gym. But, I haven’t let that get the best of me. I have been taking the stairs more at work. It’s frustrating because with my work schedule at this time, I am only able to work out at 5AM or on Wednesdays. So, getting physical is taking a little ingenuity but I’m doing what I can.

On my diet side of things I am truly watching what I’m eating and hopefully eating the right foods. When I went to Cracker Barrel the other night I had broiled fish, broccoli, a side salad and a baked potato (which I  thought I ordered a Sweet potato my husband told me I didn’t). It was delicious and filling I put the low cal/fat free dressing on my salad and potato – how good was that yum, yum! I’m trying to drink more water. I truly can’t wait for the nutrition classes to see if what I am doing currently  is helping or hindering me.

I am determined to take off these extra pounds the same way I put them on — one at a time! On my way to a healthier me!!!!

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