Even on a chilly Spring evening, the American Heart Association’s Hamptons Heart Ball summer event was all the buzz on May 22, 2017.  Over 100 guests attended a cocktail party hosted by Hamptons Heart Ball Open Your Heart Chair, Jean Shafiroff along with her husband Martin.


Jean thanked the American Heart Association for the good work they do to improve and educate the public on cardiac care. Then a few words on the important work of the American Heart Association were spoken by Hamptons Heart Ball honoree Dr. Lori Mosca. Dr. Mosca spoke about how her career started with a grant given by the American Heart Association and how she and her team are currently working on a research grant given by the American Heart Association on Women, Heart Disease and sleep. Dr. Ralph Mosca, also being honored, spoke about how his operations on babies is different now than 20 years ago because of science supported by the American Heart Association.  Barbara Poliwoda, Regional Director of the American Heart Association thanked the guests for attending and suggested they all come to the Hamptons Heart Ball to check out the new location.


Other supporters in attendance included; Geoffrey Bradfield, Sharon Bush, Ava Roosevelt, Matt Rich, Margo Langenberg, Tas and Amir Dossal, Rand Schatz, Maggie Norris, Chiu-Ti Jensen, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Victor dE Souza, Catherine Sabino, Natalie Ross, Ray Bouderau


The Hamptons Heart Ball will be June 10, 2017 at the Southampton Arts Center in Southampton, NY.  For information please call Barbara Poliwoda 631-734-2804 or Barbara.poliwoda@heart.org or visit the website: hamptonsheartball.heart.org


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