25 DAYS OF GIVING: What’s your reason for giving?

Welcome to the 25 Days of Giving

At the American Heart Association we celebrate life every single day. We want people to experience more of life’s precious moments and we know that to do this, we must be healthy. As the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, we know that we must continue to work together to make a healthier, longer life possible for everyone. We also know that we can’t do this work without the contribution of those individuals who give their time, money and knowledge to help build a world free of heart disease and stroke. 

To celebrate those individuals who make our work possible, this Holiday Season, the American Heart Association in New York City is launching a special digital campaign called the “25 Days of Giving.” During the 25-day period starting today and culminating on December 22nd, we will be sharing daily stories of the people who make our work possible and whose stories inspire us to continue working toward our this  mission. 

We encourage each of you to join us in celebrating life, share your story on social media and make a donation. Share your story on social media using the #LifeIsWhyNYC and help us answer a very simple, yet deeply personal, question: What’s your reason for giving? 

Lisa O’Brien, heart attack survivor and cardiac rehab advocate

“I give in honor of myself, my mom and dad (Mary & John O’Brien), and all my family and friends  who have been affected by heart disease. My dad passed away from a heart attack at age 42.  His sisters and brother also passed away from heart disease in their 40’s.  My mom suffered from a silent heart attack and suffered from depression after a stent procedure.  I had a ‘widow maker’ heart attack and two stents at the age of 48; I was not supposed to survive.  I am learning to deal with the fear I carried and trying to move forward.  Heart health and depression and anxiety are a big topic that I support.  I want to work to eliminate the stigma of mental health related issues and encourage others to complete cardiac rehab. My 50th birthday was this past June and I have survived.   I truly believe I was meant to live to help at least person who had the same journey I did.”

Gil Bashe, immediate past Chair, Founder’s Affiliate Board of Directors 

“It is our collective responsibility to help sustain all life.  While prevention through diet, exercise and regular physicians visits are in our hands, intervention requires research and understanding.  AHA research dollars have led to great discoveries in high blood pressure treatment, cholesterol medications and surgical techniques.  While society has benefited through increased awareness of how to prevent heart disease, it remains the #1 killer of men and women – and is again on the rise.  AHA is the catalyst for conversations around smoking age parameters, AEDs in public locations, engaging adolescents in living a heart-healthier life and, its primary mission, advancing science around heart disease and stroke prevention.  Alongside government agencies, AHA is the second largest funding source for research grants.  The need remains so great – anyone can be at risk – AHA is representing our and our next generation’s interests.”

Dr. Stacey Rosen, Vice President, Women’s Health, The Katz Institute for Women’s Health, Northwell Health

“My reason for giving is empowering women to live longer, happier and healthier lives.  When women are healthier, families and communities are healthier! No organization is better than the American Heart Association when it comes to supporting healthy communities, investing in life-saving innovations and discoveries and prioritizing equity of care for all.”

If you would like to share your reason for giving, please contact diego.ortizquintero@heart.org.
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