Strengthening Public Policy: AHA NYC Testifies at City Council Hearings

As the New York City Council considers what city programs to fund this year, we’re making sure healthy food access is a priority. 

Given the uncertainty of the federal and state budgets, now is the time for the city to commit local funding to programs that boost the economy of low-income communities, have the potential to lower health care costs, and will help New Yorkers lead healthy lives.

That’s just a snapshot of what the American Heart Association said in testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Health this week. The City Council is currently considering what programs the city should fund and prioritize in the coming year, and we’re making sure they understand the importance of making sure every New Yorker, no matter where they live, has access to affordable, healthy food.

Click here to take action for healthy food access – it takes just one minute to call the Health Committee Chair Mark Levine and express your support.

We also urged the city to allocate at least $2 million for a tobacco cessation program for New Yorkers in public housing and $1 million to bolster the City’s hypertension initiative, including outreach and  appropriate incentives for community partners to participate. Click here to read our full testimony before the Health Committee.

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