Staying Warm With An Indoor Workout

The desire to stay in shape may start to lessen when the temperatures drop and all you want to do is stay inside snuggled by the fire. But don’t give up on your health goals just because winter is beginning to show its face! There are plenty exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to face the bitter cold.
Try these indoor activities to keep your heart healthy:

  • Home workout circuit videos
  • Dancing
  • Active housework like vacuuming and sweeping
  • Mall walking
  • Bowling
  • Roller skating
  • Hit the gym
  • Yoga
  • Stair climbing

Only 1 and 5 adults and teens get enough exercise to maintain good health and it gets harder and harder to fit in the recommended 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week as the temperatures drop. If you’re going to brave the cold, keep this in mind:

  • No heat and humidity to deal with. Winter’s chill might even make you feel awake and invigorated.
  • You may be able to work out longer in cold weather—which means you can burn even more calories.
  • It’s a great way to take in the sunlight (in small doses). Not only can light improve many people’s moods, it also helps you get some vitamin D.
  • Exercise boosts your immunity during cold and flu season. Just a few minutes a day can help prevent simple bacterial and viral infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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