5 Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

We all know how busy the holiday season can be. We spend a lot of traveling between our family and friend’s houses or we even make time to go on a little vacation! It can be a stressful time and can also lead to a lot of sitting on planes and cars or even a lot of snacking. It’s still possible to stay healthy on the go – with a few tweaks to your packing and planning, your travel can be a little more active and a lot healthier!

  1. Don’t forget your meds! When packing, make a list and check it twice. You don’t want to be caught miles from home without your medicine.
  2. Pack healthy snacks. Don’t grab the chips and sodas, choose water, whole fruit, or trail mix when planning your munchies for the day.
  3. Take advantage of rest stops. Park and walk, do some jumping jacks, and put in some extra steps. The exercise will help keep you alert and make your body feel a whole lot better.
  4. Seat stretches. If you don’t want to stop or if you’re on a plan, try to get some stretches in your seat. Stretch your arms overhead and engage your core, hold for 10-20 seconds then repeat leaning to the right or left.
  5. De-stress while you’re driving. Traffic can be frustrating and stressful. Try counting to 10 before you speak or react or taking a few slow, deep breaths until you feel your body un-clench a bit.

The holidays are supposed to be about love, family, and wellness. So keep these tips in mind when you’re traveling this winter and have the best vacation possible!
For more tips for staying healthy on vacation, visit www.heart.org/healthyforgood.

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