Find Your Fierce in Movement for Better Mental Health

What’s good for your mind and body is good for your heart. The American Heart Association’s new approach to this total health platform provides simple resources to help nourish your mind, heart and body with science you can trust and tools you can use.

Headquartered in Roseland, NJ, ADP is a proud local sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good movement. The goal is to create healthy habits that stick – let’s take a look at the facts:

We’re sitting too much. One in four U.S. adults sit for longer than eight hours each day, which can hurt your physical and mental health.

Physical activity is a powerful tool — and a mood booster. It also helps us reduce stress and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Getting the recommended amount of physical activity a day is linked to lower risk of diseases, improved mental health and lower risk of depression.

Staying active can help you feel, think, sleep and live better. Studies show that higher fitness levels are linked to better attention, learning, working memory and problem solving. Getting the recommended amount of physical activity can also curb depression. And you may just live longer!

Let’s get started. Stand, stretch, walk, dance …do whatever gets you moving! Here are a few tips. Start small. Any movement is better than none, and more is better! Start out with just five minutes of movement and build from there or split it up throughout the day.

Step outside — and keep stepping. It’s a great way to get moving and take in some sunlight, which can improve mood, boost immunity and help you get some vitamin D.

Put a leash on it. If you have a pet, get moving together! Exercise is a win-win for both of you.

Commit to being fit. Schedule time throughout the day to move. Set a reminder on your calendar, phone or journal.

Let us help. Choose from one of the American Heart Association’s Fierce 5-minute movement break videos for inspiration.