Former Bellevue CEO returns to chair Capital Region’s 20th anniversary Go Red for Women Luncheon

Anne Saile is chairing the 2024 Capital Region Go Red for Women Luncheon, set for Nov. 8 at the Albany Capital Center. Saile chaired the first Go Red for Women Luncheon in 2005.

When the American Heart Association launched its Go Red for Women campaign, Anne Saile, then the president and CEO of Bellevue Woman’s Hospital, agreed to chair the inaugural Go Red for Women Luncheon in the Capital Region. Go Red for Women was the American Heart Association’s new initiative to raise awareness that heart disease was the No. 1 killer of women. 

“I was president and CEO of one of only two independent nonprofit women’s hospitals in the nation, and it was clear to me that more attention needed to be given to women’s healthcare,” Saile said. “When asked to chair the first Go Red Luncheon, I felt compelled because of the commitment I’d always had to women’s health. What better way to do it than to gather hundreds of women who could spread the word about the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women, the need for prevention, and the need for women to speak up in doctors’ offices or the emergency department?”  

As the 20th anniversary of the Go Red for Women Luncheon approaches, Saile continues to champion women’s health. She is chairing the 2024 Capital Region Go Red for Women Luncheon, set for Friday, Nov. 8, at the Albany Capital Center. 

“Because of Go Red, the American Heart Association and its research, people are more aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease; they know their numbers – like blood pressure and cholesterol – and they focus more on exercise and healthy eating,” Saile said. “My physician routinely quotes the work of the American Heart Association. Events like this Luncheon raise critical awareness and resources for this important mission.” 

Saile’s family benefited directly from the research of the American Heart Association. When Saile was 10 and her mother was 40, her mother had a stroke. 

“She survived, and thrived,” Saile said. “Her life was saved in part because of the research done by the AHA; because of the education they gave to the neurosurgeon so he could treat my mother’s cerebral aneurysm. I’m profoundly grateful that someone saw a way to create the American Heart Association, a structure to fund research, and the Ellis Hospital surgeon that operated on my mother had access to this information. Otherwise, I could have been an orphan at age 10.” 

Saile reflected on changes that have taken place in healthcare in the last 20 years. 

“Women’s heart health is better than it was 20 years ago,” she said. “We have technology to diagnose and treat issues that we never thought was possible. The thing that gives me pause, though, is accessibility. There’s still a great divide in who receives quality healthcare. I’d like to see that closed.” 

Saile is looking at the 20th anniversary Luncheon as a way to continue the legacy of Go Red for Women, and letting it be a springboard to continued improvement to women’s health. 

“There’s still work to be done; I’m going to stand up and be a voice for women’s health,” she said. “One of the most significant things we’ve learned over the last 20 years is the recognition that research about women must be conducted on women, and symptoms present differently for women. We need a different kind of modality for women’s health care.” 

Saile is leading a large executive leadership team and a passion committee to make the 20th anniversary of Go Red a success. Members include, and starred names indicate past chairs:

Executive Leadership Team:

  • Barbara Collura
  • Katrina Consiglio, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Mona Golub*, Northeast Grocery  
  • Denise Gonick*, Cross Sound Concepts
  • Carrie Hillenbrandt*, BBL Hospitality
  • Michelle Kollmer*, Broadview Federal Credit Union
  • Kathy Lanni*, Broadview Federal Credit Union
  • Carolyn McLaughlin, Albany County Legislator
  • Leah Slocum*, Peak Realty
  • Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas*, Berkshire Hathaway

Passion committee:

  • Barb Hess*
  • Victoria Hostig*, Blueprint Strategies & Consulting
  • Joy Lucas, DVM*, Upstate Animal Medical Center
  • Chelsea Palmer, Alzheimer’s Association
  • Theresa Petrone Butts*, Mercer
  • Cathlene Schwartzbeck, Sylvan Learning
  • Christianne Smith*, DesignSmith
  • Maryjean Valigorsky*

The Go Red for Women Luncheon will have a silent auction, health screenings, activities and educational sessions. The program will pay tribute to the 20 years of survivors and chairs of the Go Red for Women movement. Benita Zahn, DPS, will receive the Jane Golub Crystal Heart Award, and Neil Golub will receive a special Legacy Award. 

“The American Heart Association is committed to ending health disparities, and we are honored to work with Anne on improving heart health for all women,” said Kaweeda Adams, chair of the board of directors of the American Heart Association in the Capital Region. “She has been at the forefront of women’s health, and has been a leader for the American Heart Association, for a long time. Her knowledge, insight and dedication to women’s heart health mean that we will not only be celebrating 20 years of Go Red, we’ll be laying a strong foundation for the next 20 years.” 

“I’m most looking forward to standing at the podium and seeing my daughters and granddaughters at the Luncheon, and knowing that they will carry the torch forward,” Saile said. “I’m also looking forward to a full house, and to every attendee at the event sharing what they’ve learned with 10 other people. That will save someone’s life.” 

Saile is the founder of The Saile Group LLC. She has also served as the director of The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls. Before being the president and CEO of Bellevue Woman’s Hospital, she was the executive director of the New York State Office of Professional and Medical Conduct. She was also the vice president of the Center for the Disabled of the Capital District. She has raised millions of dollars for organizations and causes she is passionate about. She serves on several boards. She and her husband, Larry Myers, have four children and 11 grandchildren.

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