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We are honored to collaborate with NewYork-Presbyterian and their healthcare professionals on initiatives aimed at promoting heart health and overall well-being in New York City and Westchester County so that all New Yorkers can Stay Amazing. Our two organizations will come together to educate kids and families across New York City about heart health, physical activity, mental well-being, sleep and nutrition through the Kids Heart Challenge and the American Heart Challenge, and in Westchester County through the Westchester Heart Walk.

Sleep your way to better health with Dr. Wanda Jeanette Abreu pediatrician from NewYork-Presbyterian

Sleep and quality of sleep are important parts of your total well-being. Catching ZZZs could be the key to unlocking a healthier you. The amount and quality of sleep we get each night can influence our eating habits, mood, memory, and even our internal organs. In this video series we meet Dr. Wanda Jeanete Abreu, a pediatrician from NewYork-Presbyterian and  Columbia University Irving Medical Center, as she shares tips to help people and families improve their sleep and how to build healthier sleeping habits to promote a healthy heart and mind.

Tips for getting a good night’s sleep Tips for kids and adults to improve sleep Sleep and mental well-being

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Along with healthy eating and regular physical activity, practicing meditation or mindfulness may help you manage stress and high blood pressure. It also may help you sleep better, feel more balanced and connected and possibly lower your family’s risk of heart disease.


A good starting goal for families and students is at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, but if you don’t want to sweat the numbers, just move more! Find forms of exercise you like and will stick with, and build more opportunities to be active into your routine.

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American Heart Association and NewYork-Presbyterian Join Forces to Promote Healthy Hearts and Minds

The American Heart Association in New York City and Westchester County and NewYork-Presbyterian are proud to announce a collaboration to promote heart health and overall well-being among kids and families across New York City. Through school-based programs, distribution of health-related resources, and community events, the organizations hope to empower children and families to adopt healthy habits for their hearts and minds.

The education campaign will be grounded in public and private schools, from elementary through high school, across New York City. As part of the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge. The Association will work with NewYork-Presbyterian subject matter experts to deliver content around physical and mental health through in person appearances at school assemblies and digital content trough videos and newsletters and shared on the American Heart Association social channels and website.

“Together, NewYork-Presbyterian and the American Heart Association are committed to keeping hearts and minds healthy,” said Devika Mathrani, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at NewYork-Presbyterian. “We are delighted to work with the American Heart Association to educate kids and families about simple steps they can take to protect their physical and mental health.”

Kids Heart Challenge (elementary school) and American Heart Challenge (middle and high school) are designed to meet people where they are and to build a culture of health for students, their families and educators.

“Our school programs provide unique age-appropriate curriculum and activities that go
beyond the gym to meet the needs of today’s youth and educators as science has proven the strong connection between physical and mental health,” said Brian Kingston, American Heart Association/New York City Board Chair-Elect and CEO of Brookfield Property Partners. “As we know, the early years play a vital role in the development of health-related behaviors. Placing emphasis on establishing healthy environments and behaviors can help students, their families and educators understand the importance of wellness.”

In Westchester, NewYork-Presbyterian will be a major contributor to the Westchester Heart Walk. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s premiere campaign, engaging the community at large in creating healthier habits to prevent heart disease and stroke.