Staying motivated at home

One of the most frustrating things I find about working out is it always seems like just when you have your rhythm down something occurs to mess it up. My thing was my daughter had a runny nose all week.

I am one of those people that gets really annoyed when others bring sick kids to daycare or play dates or anything like that. So, I knew as soon as I started to wipe it what seemed like every five minutes we would not be making it to the Y. But, what was different this time is I said to myself, “OK you can’t go to the Y, but you can use those weights you bought that are now dusty down in the basement and that Zumba DVD that’s still in shrink wrap.” 🙂

Normally, I would have used her runny nose as an excuse to not have to work out, but this time I felt more motivated to use the things around the house that I already have had and just never used. I was so glad when we were well enough to get out to the Y and it just so happened it was the first day of her swim lessons so she was glad to go, too.

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