NYC-based companies rally around the American Heart Association’s mission to be a relentless force to create longer, healthier lives

Life Is Why We Give™ campaign helps consumers support life-saving research and education during American Heart Month

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New York City, January 31, 2019 — Every 40 seconds, someone in America has a stroke or a heart attack. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death, and while progress has been made, stroke is still the number five cause of death nationally.  In New York City, more than half of adults and nearly half of elementary school students are at an unhealthy weight. Less than one third of New Yorkers get the recommended amount of daily physical activity and close to 1.2 million people in the city have no easy access to healthy food.

The American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary organization focused on heart and brain health, is on a mission to improve these statistics, and has teamed up with several companies in New York City to do so through the Life Is Why We Give™ fundraising campaign.

“Together, the American Heart Association and our supporters are a relentless force in the fight to improve the quality of life of all Americans,” said Kathy Kauffmann, Senior Vice President, NYC/Long Island, American Heart Association. “Our work nationally and in New York City would not be possible without the generous support of committed companies like these who provide donation opportunities to their customers. These corporate citizens provide a force multiplying impact to our work and help us get ever closer to a world without needless suffering or death.”

During American Heart Month this February, when consumers shop online, visit select ATMs or join a fitness studio or purchase a new item for their home, they also have an opportunity to donate to Life Is Why We Give™ and fund research and education that supports stronger, healthier communities.

Local supporters of the Life Is Why We Give™ campaign include:

  • Cinzia Rocca will donate 20% of the proceeds of the Red Spring Coat collection from February 15 through May 15.
  • Citi will invite customers to make online donations from January 1 through May 31.
  • Pave the Way Jewelry will donate 40% of all proceeds when customers use the code ‘GoRed’ through March 31st.
  • Peloton will donate 10% of the purchase price of the Hearts Will Race Collection sold in the month of February.
  • Tagwell will donate 5% of every Heart Happiness package sold from February 1 through June 30.
  • White + Warren is donating 20 percent of the net proceeds from sales of their Cashmere for a Cause Collection.

The Association has funded more than $4.1 billion in research since 1949, including 13 Nobel Prize winners. It has also supported legislation that ensures newborns in 47 states are screened for critical congenital heart defects, as well as legislation making CPR training a graduation requirement. This has resulted in more than 2.5 million high school students in CPR annually.

In addition to the Life Is Why We Give campaign, donations can also be made directly to the American Heart Association at To learn more about the Life Is Why We Give™ campaign and other participating companies, please visit


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