Miss NH Teen USA Offers Tips for Moving More at Home

By Samantha Lemay, Miss New Hampshire Teen USA

April is Move More Month.  Since schools are temporarily closed, physical education, recess, and sports are on hold. How can you get your recommended 60 minutes of physical activity?  Now’s your chance to be creative and participate in fun activities you may not usually have time for! Here are 7 fun ways to get moving close to home!

  1. Keep practicing your sport. Shoot some baskets, perfect your soccer dribble, volley a ball, or play catch with a family member.  
  2. Be creative. Build your own “American Ninja” obstacle course in your backyard and challenge your siblings to see who gets a faster time. 
  3. Virtual workouts. Pick an exercise class and find it online.  Right now, many gyms and studios are offering free virtual workouts including yoga, zumba, strength training and even PE! 
  4. Make your own workout. Download a free Tabata Exercise App. Tabata consists of 20 seconds of exercise with 10-second breaks in between.  Pick an exercise (like jumping jacks) and perform the exercise 4-8 times for 20 seconds (don’t forget the 10 second breaks in between). Repeat the process with different exercises until you’ve worked out for 20 – 30 minutes.  Mix in both toning exercises (like pushups or squats) and cardiovascular exercises (like running in place or mountain climbers). 
  5. Lace up. Jog, walk, or hike with your family. 
  6. Get the wheels turning: Put your helmet on and get some biking in. If you have the space, set up a course in your driveway to rollerblade or skateboard through. 
  7. Learn a new dance. Here are nine fun dances you could learn: https://www.todaysparent.com/family/activities/awesome-fad-dances-to-teach-your-kids/
  8. Track your time. Keep a log of your activities. You don’t need to exercise for 60 minutes straight. Break that time up into smaller segments.  Walk the dog for 15 minutes, complete a 15-minute yoga video and play basketball for 30 minutes. Log your time to document all 60 minutes in – it all adds up! 

Keeping a schedule while you’re home and planning your exercise time will help you be active every day.  Choose your favorite activities and mix it up. It’s a great time to try new activities and exercises! Physical activity will not only keep your heart healthy but it will  boost your mood and your immune system!