Wegmans and the American Heart Association teaming up to save lives in Lancaster through CPR

With nearly 3 out of 4 cardiac arrests outside of the hospital occurring in homes, knowing how to perform CPR is critically important[1]. CPR, especially if performed immediately, could double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival[2].

That is why the American Heart Association, the worldwide leader in resuscitation science and education, and Wegmans are adding lifesavers to the chain of survival by providing Hands-Only CPR education resources in the community through CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Training Kits. These training kits are designed for youth instructors to ensure they and their community know the lifesaving skills of Hands-Only CPR, how to use an AED, and how to help during sports related emergencies. Each kit can train approximately 300 people per year.

The Association, along with sponsor, Wegmans, recently presented a training kit to Bright Side Opportunities Center in Lancaster. The organization will be using the kit to train staff and participants involved in the center’s youth athletic and STEM education programs.

As a part of the collaboration between the Association and Wegmans, 300 CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Training Kits will be placed throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, DC.

“Every year in the United States, there are more than 23,000 youth who experience a cardiac emergency outside of a hospital and almost 40 percent of those are sports-related,” said Tamara Ramer, community impact director for the American Heart Association. “Bright Side Opportunities Center is a perfect place for hundreds of local youths and their families to learn the life-saving skill of Hands-Only CPR. Thanks to support from Wegmans, we have the opportunity to build a nation of lifesavers and save lives right here in our community.”

From left to right: Jimmy Bellis, store manager, Wegmans Lancaster; Bryce Troxell, service and merchandising area manager, Wegmans Lancaster; Willonda McCloud, president and CEO, Bright Side Opportunities Center; Aida Rodriguez, administrative assistant and community liaison, Bright Side Opportunities Center; and Tamara Ramer, community impact director, American Heart Association.

Quick, simple and easy-to-learn, Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be as effective in the first few minutes as conventional CPR for cardiac arrest at home, at work or in public[3].

For more information this program, visit heart.org/WegmansCPR, or visit cpr.heart.org for more on Hands-Only CPR.

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