How one Massachusetts mom survived a widowmaker heart attack

In July 2020, Jessica Charron’s life took an unexpected turn when she started feeling what she initially thought were just chills and tingling sensations. Little did she know, these seemingly innocuous symptoms were the harbingers of a life-threatening ordeal that would forever change her perspective on health and resilience.

In a recent article published on, Charron, of Hamilton, Mass., recounts her experience having a widowmaker heart attack and then later going through triple bypass surgery during the early days COVID-19 pandemic and how the love and support of her sons, Joey and Charlie, helped her recover.

Since this experience, Jessica has become outspoken about heart disease in women to help others avoid going through what she did. She also leads an American Heart Association Boston Heart Walk team (pictured above at the 2024 walk).

To read the full article detailing Jessica’s courageous battle with heart disease, click here. Let her story inspire you to take charge of your health and never underestimate the importance of listening to your body’s warning signs.