BetterU: Using the outdoors as a gym


I have been very thankful for the warmer weather over the past few days. I have been using the outdoors as my gym. Things that you would normally look at as chores, I have been using as a workout. Instead of getting the wagon for all the sticks and branches in the yard I have been taking them one by one to the brush area. At our house it is a far ways for the extra steps add up. I have still been going to the gym on the rainy and/or cold days, but it is great to finally be able to have the option of going for a walk outside. And with warmer weather comes the great option of being able to grill dinner!

I can’t believe that the 12 weeks is almost over for the program. It has been a really awesome and life changing experience. I can’t wait for the Heart Walk and I am really hoping for good weather for all of us. I have participated one other time and it was great experience.

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