Greater Maryland Heart Walk – Tuesday Team Shout Out

Hi! I am Mike Mathis. In August 2017, at the age of 50, I had a “widow maker” heart attack and survived. Everything went right that day. From the decision to have my wife drive me to the hospital, to the ER Doctors and Staff not giving up on me, even after 40 minutes. I spent 9 weeks at home recuperating from that event, and getting back my strength.

I learned many things during my time at home. Most importantly is that I hate sitting still, being stuck in the house, and that the longer I sat still, the worse I felt. This helped me to learn patience and tolerance, and that life is precious. We should not take it for granted or think we are invincible.

After I had my heart attack, I learned an awful lot I did not know about nutrition, and how much family history plays into our heart health. I feel it is important to share what I learned and find ways to help prevent others from going through what I went through. Helping the American Heart Association by walking and raising money is a vehicle to deliver that information through the programs and research the money helps fund. I have been apart of the Heart Walk for 2 years.

During the Corona crisis, my wife Theresa and I get up every day and exercise in the morning, taking turns on the treadmill. At night we take a socially distant walk around our neighborhood, waving hello to everyone we see along the way. We eat heart healthy low sodium meals from the recipes she has created, or modified. Most of all we breathe, and are taking time for us.

I know it is hard to be stuck at home, and not be able to see your friends and family, but we are all in this together. Take this time to read that book you’ve been wanting to read, or tackle that project that you just could not seem to get to, or reconnect with old friends and family through a virtual game night.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember, we will get through this together!