Find your fierce in your movement with Penn Medicine Princeton Health

Let’s MOVE MORE … ALL YEAR LONG!  Staying active is very important.  We are on a mission to be Healthy for Good™ every day.

Find Your Fierce in Movement!  Being active is one of the best ways to maintain your physical and mental health.  Not only can movement help you feel, function and sleep better, but it can also improve your mood and overall quality of life.

Penn Medicine Princeton Health and the American Heart Association are pleased to share with you this 2023 American Heart Association National MOVE MORE resource toolkit.  We encourage you to take an active role to foster and support a culture of movement and activity, even virtually, throughout your organization and in your individual lives.  Look for ways you or your audience can get more active throughout the day.

Physical activity leads to better brain health, sleep, memory and overall quality of life.  Even small amounts of physical activity improve health, so let’s get MOVING … ALL MONTH LONG … ALL YEAR LONG.  Penn Medicine Princeton Health and the American Heart Association encourage your audience/employees to find more ways to move throughout your day and to hold MOVEMENT MEETINGS.  Hold fun, healthy National MOVE MORE activities, contests or challenges in-person or virtually throughout the year.

You’ll find supporting messaging, resources, infographics, activities, access to video movement breaks and additional ideas and materials within this FREE National MOVE MORE resource kit.  Find additional resources and learn more by visiting

Thank you for supporting American Heart Association Healthy For Good™, the National MOVE MORE observance and the importance of being active by MOVING MORE.  MOVE MORE and Make it Count!


01-Letter – 2023 MOVE MORE

02-ToC AHA National MOVE MORE Toolkit


04-Move More Activation Guide 2023

05-Move More Daily Challenges

06-HFG Adults Physical Activity Info

07-HFG Kids Physical Activity Infographic

08-Kids, 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home

09 10-Minute Workout Anywhere

10-At Home Circuit, Choose Your Own Workout

11-Get Into Working Out.pdf

12-Maintaining Energy, Power Up to Move More

13-Dress for Workout Success Infographic

14-Keep Your Feet Happy, Foot Care Tips.pdf

15-Make Every Move Count Infographic

16-AHA Support Network, You Are NOT Alone

17-Healthy Living, Life’s Essential 8

18-Workforce, Well-Being Works Better – FREE Program


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