Governor, help make healthy food available throughout NY!

American Heart Association hopes Gov. Cuomo will work to prevent heart disease and stroke

 In his State of the State tribute to his father, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the best reason to fund programs that will improve the heart and stroke care of all New Yorkers: “Life is a Precious Gift.”

“The American Heart Association’s motto is ‘Life is Why,’” said Bob Elling, paramedic instructor at Hudson Valley Community College and chair of the New York state Advocacy Committee of the American Heart Association. “Gov. Cuomo expressed our exact feeling by saying that ‘Life is a Precious Gift.’ We hope the governor will continue to fight for initiatives that will fight the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of all Americans, heart disease and stroke.”

In particular, the American Heart Association will be asking for money to reinstate the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) in New York.

“In too many neighborhoods, people can’t find fresh fruits or any kind of healthy food,” Elling said. “Cuomo talked about improving housing and shelter for many New Yorkers, and we will work this coming legislative session to make sure that everyone has access to another of life’s necessities – food that will improve their health. We know that prevention is key to fighting heart disease and stroke. A healthy diet helps prevent obesity, one of the leading risk factors for heart disease and stroke.”

The American Heart Association will also seek funding so that existing corner stores can improve their offerings. This funding supports small businesses, while the Healthy Food Financing Initiative helps motivate economic development by creating jobs.

As in past years, the association will also seek to improve funding for the Tobacco Control Program, and programs to fight obesity.

“The governor outlined many exciting programs in the State of the State,” Elling said. “Making sure that New Yorkers can live long and healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke will let them take advantage of the great future the Empire State offers.”

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