Greater Maryland Heart Walk – Tuesday Team Shout Out

A year after losing her father to heart disease, Victoria Niller has an extra ticket to her college graduation, an empty seat at the dinner table and no one to walk her or her sister down the aisle at their weddings.

Her loss motivated her and her family to help fight heart disease. They joined the Greater Maryland Heart Walk to remember their loving Dad. Victoria wants to “help fight this disease so other daughters will have their mothers and fathers on special days that her dad will miss.” The Heart Walk allows them to continue to remember their father’s legacy of generosity and community service. For the Niller family the Heart Walk has become their way of honoring their family hero while also raising life-saving funds that will be able to give other families more time together, for the big and the small moments.

Today, on our inaugural Tuesday Team Shout Out, we send a special SHOUT OUT to Victoria and the entire Niller family! They are our heroes as they embody the mission of the American Heart Association: to be a relentlessness force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Thank you Nillers for your dedication and commitment to continue to be relentless in honoring your father, we know he is proud!  We are looking forward to walking beside you at the Greater Maryland Heart Walk in October!