What effect does sodium have on your blood pressure?

Almost at the halfway mark, the American Heart Association’s free blood pressure awareness program, the Check It! Challenge, has a reach of 315,000 people. Participants are checking their blood pressure twice monthly and taking advantage of American Heart Association resources provided to them. Each month during the four-month program that began in February, the Check


Westchester Women to Reconnect in Person to Fight Heart Disease at Westchester Go Red for Women Experience

After nearly two years away from in person events, today the American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, announced the 2022 Westchester Go Red for Women® movement will transform its famous luncheon into an evening experience. This signature event will take place Thursday, March 24 at


Live Fierce. Go Red sponsored by Northwell Health

Red Chair Series locally sponsored by The American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative, Go Red for Women, is a catalyst for change to improve the lives of women globally. We believe the more a woman knows about heart disease, the better chance she has of beating it. That’s why we are partnering with Northwell Health

hidden American Heart Association expands “Lower the Pressure” initiative in New York State thanks to $1 million grant

American Heart Association expands “Lower the Pressure” initiative in New York State thanks to $1 million grant

The American Heart Association has new tools to help improve blood pressure rates in New York State, thanks to a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.  The two-year grant of $1 million will allow the American Heart Association to expand its focus on improving high blood pressure rates in under-resourced communities. Through the “Lower


Westchester County Self-Monitoring Resource: Hypertension

What is high blood pressure? High blood pressure (also referred to as HBP, or hypertension) is when your blood pressure, the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is consistently too high. Learn more about high blood pressure. Understanding Blood Pressure Reading What do your blood pressure numbers mean?   The only way to know


New York: American Heart Association, Northwell Health Combine Forces to Combat Heart Disease, Women’s No. 1 Health Threat

An important fact we all need to understand is cardiovascular disease remains the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year claiming more women’s lives than all forms of cancer combined. That’s approximately one woman every minute! The American Heart Association in New York City, Westchester and Long Island is proud


Live Fierce Take Action sponsored by White Plains Hospital

Welcome to the Westchester County Live Fierce Take Action page sponsored by White Plains Hospital. We hope this page helps you embrace the power to take charge of your own health and start calling the shots that improve your mental and physical well-being. The hero in in you swaps challenge for opportunity!  Let’s talk about

hidden New York State Regional Hypertension Summit works to control a silent killer

New York State Regional Hypertension Summit works to control a silent killer

More than 100 clinicians, primary care providers and population health representatives gathered virtually to help make New York State a healthier place at the Regional Hypertension Summit hosted by the American Heart Association. Hypertension is often called the silent killer, and it is the most important modifiable risk factor for heart disease. According to the

hidden Addressing Hypertension in New York State

Addressing Hypertension in New York State

The American Heart Association is working to improve hypertension across New York State with a brand new event. The virtual Regional Hypertension Summit will bring together health care organizations, medical practices, and health-focused organizations from across New York State to collectively address blood pressure control and recognize Target: BP™ achievements. Target: BP is a national

hidden Conversations With My Daughter: World Heart Day 2021

Conversations With My Daughter: World Heart Day 2021

The American Heart Association of Westchester County along with White Plains Hospital present a video series in honor of World Heart Day 2021. During this five-part series, leaders from across Westchester will host heart to heart conversations with their daughters about important health topics. Physical Activity by Dr. James Peacock Stress and Mindfulness with Jodi